About us

We want to solve your technology challenges

Our story

We experienced how hard it was to find talented design and development specialists for projects and decided to create a solution. Our mission is to help Canadian companies grow their business with technology by providing access to the specific expertise you need, when you need it.

Worklily launched into beta in November 2016 offering skills in the areas of web and mobile development. During the beta we are offering discounted Worklily fees and direct customer service and project scoping services to say thank you to each of our early users. While we may be new, the tech freelancers who use Worklily are not. Our goal is to find you the experienced talent needed to grow.

Looking for hard to find tech talent? Let Worklily find you the skills you need today.

The technology skills gap

67% of IT managers foresee a moderate to extreme skill shortage

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47% of freelancing tech professionals have a hard time finding work

Worklily is focused on fixing this issue in Canada. There are two ways Canada can solve the technology talent gap – either by training more people or better harnessing the talent we already have. 80% of tech professionals who don't currently freelance would be willing to start. We saw an opportunity to better harness our existing talent.

Worklily is here to connect skilled tech professionals to the right freelance opportunities through our online platform. And Canadian businesses benefit by getting access to high-quality but affordable tech talent.

The rise of the freelance economy

The freelance economy is fast-growing. In just 2 years the number of people who go into freelancing by choice, not necessity, has increased by 10 percentage points, from 53% to 63%. More people are seeking flexibility in their work schedule. Furthermore, employers are looking to cut down on full-time employee costs and time-to-hire. So more employers are open to freelance hires.

Worklily was created to help both sides of the economy better achieve their goals.

The team

Bryan Addeman
Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur; previously launching Canatomical Research Services, Ivey MBA, amateur coder, and full-time Jays fan.

Jordan Hanna
Vice President of Customer Experience

Passionate about social entrepreneurship and education; TED talk and politics junkie.

Dan O'Brien
Head of Growth

Dedicated entrepreneur, Helped launch JobDiagnosis and Screenfluence. Worklily's Irish resident.