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We will work with you one-on-one to ensure you hire exactly the type of talent you require to successfully deliver on your project. This means that we will help you to clearly define your project and work with you to flesh out your requirements and deliverables. If needed, we will even bring in industry experts to help with this process.
You can post any short-term project, lasting a few hours to a few months, that requires technical expertise. During our beta, we are focused on four main areas: web & mobile development, cloud computing, blockchain and network & info security. Whatever short-term, tech-related project need you have in those areas, you can post it on Worklily! Our projects fall into two categories: fixed price and per hour. WHat you need from your freelancer will determine what type of project is best for you.
Every freelancer accepted to our beta has been screened and interviewed by us. We also do a lot of the work for you by matching freelancers with your project. Once matched, we only invite bids from the top available freelancers on the platform who are best suited for your project. Then we send you the estimate bids that the freelancers submit.
All authorizations and payments are handled securely by Stripe. For fixed price projects, we collect 15% upfront when you sign a contract with the freelancer and the remainder of the project fees are collected upon project completion. For per hour (or Hourly) projects, your freelancer will submit to you a weekly timesheet for approval. Once approved, your project fees are collected immediately which includes the Worklily service fee and the freelancer's payment.
Once you have received an estimate from a freelancer on your project, you can talk to the freelancer directly on Worklily. The real-time messenger allows you to maintain communication throughout the lifetime of your project.